To enable MediaHint on Chromecast:

Note: Chromecast devices have DNS settings hardcoded, so you must redirect DNS requests with a Wi-Fi router that has such capability. If your Wi-Fi router has DD-WRT or OpenWRT Firmware you can follow these instructions:
Step 1: Set the network address server settings (DHCP) to the MediaHint servers:
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Step 2: Configure the DNSMasq options with the following IPtables commands:

iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -d -j DNAT –to-destination
iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -d -j DNAT –to-destination

Step 5: DNS requests from Chromecast will now be redirected to MediaHint


Alternate method of configuring MediaHint on Chromecast:

Normally your IP inside LAN network will be on the ranges: 10.x.x.x, 172.16.x.x or 192.168.x.x. This is to prevent LAN IPs from conflicting with Internet IPs. Chromecast devices are hardcoded to use as their DNS server, regardless of any other router settings.

To configure Chromecast if the above method does not work for your setup, you will need to change your router IP to to redirect the Chromecast device to use your router’s DHCP DNS settings.

Step 1: Please change your router settings to the following:

Router IP:
DHCP range: (So all other devices in the network will have IPs like,,
DHCP DNS servers: and

Step 2: It is very important to also configure the router’s WAN settings to use MediaHint DNS servers. These numbers again are: and

Step 3: Restart your device that is using Chromecast.
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