To enable MediaHint on Google TV:

Note: each manufacturer has a different implementation of Google TV. The instructions below should be considered a starting point. For exact details on how to change DNS settings on your device, please consult the manual included with the device.

Step 1: Choose Settings > Network

Step 2: Select Ethernet or Wireless depending on your connection to the internet

Step 3:
For Wi-Fi, click and hold down on your Wi-Fi network until you get a popup. Select Modify Network

Step 4:
Set IP settings to static

Step 5:
If the IP address, Gateway (Router’s IP address) and Network prefix length fields are blank or show a caution symbol, you may need to obtain this info from your computer’s network connection status or from your router.

Step 6:
Scroll down to DNS settings and input:
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Step 7:
Click Save

Step 8:
Restart TV
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