About using Kindle Fire with MediaHint:

  • The Amazon AppStore requires a US credit card even to get FREE apps. A credit card with US billing address should be added to your Amazon account and should be set as default “1-click” payment method.
  • Using the browser “Amazon Silk” will not work with MediaHint because Silk sends all traffic directly to Amazon servers. Please use any other browser on your device.


To enable MediaHint on Kindle Fire HD (2nd Generation):

Step 1: Select Wireless

Step 2: Click on your Wireless network name

Step 3: Write down your IP address, then press Cancel

Step 4: Press and hold your finger on your Wireless network name until a pop-up of options appears

Step 5: On the pop up, select Advanced Settings

Step 6: Choose Use Static IP

Step 7: Under IP address, input the IP you wrote down in step 3

Step 8: Under router, input the IP address from step 3, however change the last number to 1. As an example: If your IP was now input

Step 9: Input in subnet mask

Step 10: Set DNS 1 to

Step 11: Set DNS 2 to

Step 12: Select Next

Step 13: Restart your Kindle Fire


To enable MediaHint on Kindle Fire (1st Generation):

Step 1: From the Home screen, click the small gear wheel in the upper right corner

Step 2: Choose More > Wireless Network

Step 3: Select Advanced Settings

Step 4: Select Use Static IP

Step 5: Select DNS 1 and set it to

Step 6: Select DNS 2 and set it to

Step 7: Return to the Home screen

Step 8: Restart your Kindle
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