About MediaHint

MediaHint allows you to access the videos, TV series, music and information you enjoy regardless of where you’re located. Break free of geographical restrictions and country censorship! Use MediaHint on any device at any time, through our DNS service and our easy-to-use browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox on Mac and PC.

Now MediaHint is even more amazing! We’ve just launched our Discover feature so you can use MediaHint to browse and search movies and shows on popular services like Netflix, Hulu and more from multiple regions all in one place. Plus, using MediaHint you’re able to select a video and switch seamlessly to the region where it’s available to start watching right away! Give it a try at mediahint.com/discover.


How does MediaHint work?

MediaHint is a smart DNS and selective proxy service meaning we’re able to unblock supported websites and streaming services to let you access them from countries where the content is normally unavailable due to geographic restrictions.

MediaHint is faster than a VPN because we only re-route what’s absolutely necessary instead of your entire connection. It’s also much easier to use and it works on almost any device like Mac, PC, Android, iPad, Apple TV, Xbox, Roku, Chromecast, Playstation Smart TVs and more. We don’t unblock every website or service out there, but we do support services around the world and we’re adding more all the time. Check out our list of supported channels here and supported devices here.


The MediaHint Team

MediaHint is led by a team scattered across the globe, working together to develop a service that makes finding and watching content easier for members around the world. Founded in 2012, MediaHint is used by over a million people in 189 countries.