Payment is a monthly subscription of $3.95 per month, or yearly subscription of $39.50 per year (a savings of $7.90).  By paying for our service you help the MediaHint project by helping us:

1. Provide better infrastructure [ You know, servers and all of the stuff that makes MediaHint work! ]

2. Give you better support [ Real people who can answer your questions and solve problems! ]

3. Help us make MediaHint better [ Yes, we need to hire and pay developers who can unlock more sites, more countries and even make more apps for you! ]

4. Allows us to never sell our users data to 3rd parties [ Many free services actually sell your info! ]

5. Allows us to never sell our users usage patterns, data or information to re-targeting companies

6. Allows us to not sell ads and destroy our user’s experience with annoying pop-ups