To enable MediaHint on Roku (LT, HD, 2XD, 3):

Roku devices do not allow any network configuration on the device so all the configuration must be done on the Wi-Fi router of your network.

Remember you will need to create your Roku account using MediaHint and define a United States address in it to successfully unblock the services in your Roku.

Step 1: Setup MediaHint on your computer or router so MediaHint is active

Step 2: Use a web browser to register a US Roku account at If you use credit card, you will need to input a US Zip Code configured from your actual billing Zip Code. Using PayPal will not require this and you can input any valid US address.

Step 3: Reset your Roku to factory settings if you have previously had this set up outside of the US

Step 4: If you have not already done so (ie: if you used the browser extension in step 1), configure MediaHint on your router. Click here for router setup instructions.

Step 5: Activate your Roku and add your channels
Note: Depending on your Roku model, not all Roku devices will work with this method. If you have questions, please contact support and we will do our best to assist you.
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