IMPORTANT – This video will be updated soon

To use this DNS method it’s no longer needed to ‘enable’ your IP manually in the Mediahint Account page, you can still follow this video instructions for setting up the Mediahint DNS servers in your device.


To enable MediaHint on Xbox 360:

Step 1: Go to My Xbox > System Settings

Step 2: Select Network Settings

Step 3: Select Wired Network or the name of your Wi-Fi Network if prompted to do so

Step 4: Select Configure Network

Step 5: Choose the Basic Settings tab and select DNS Settings

Step 6: Choose Manual

Step 7: Set Primary DNS as then select done

Step 8: Set Secondary DNS as then select done

Step 9: Select Done again then press the B button on your controller

Step 10: Select Test Xbox Live Connection

Step 11: Restart your Xbox
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